What types of depression
do people suffer from today?

Honestly, I am not sure I have covered all the different types of depression here. Am still researching on them. The terms are very technical but I hope to do a good job.

I will start by telling you of the type of depression I had from my personal research. Man do I consider myself lucky to have overcome it!

Then I will delve in to the other types.

The variety comes from the various signs and symptoms shown, level of severity of depression, among other factors.

Looking at the symptoms of the different depression types, I concluded that I had Dysthymic Disorder (or also referred to as Dysthymia) although its a little hard to distinguish them clearly.

I am honestly not sure whether I gave myself the correct diagnosis but looking at its symptoms, most resonate with me.

The other types are all so close to call. So, I stand corrected.

Below are some other major forms of depression (click on the title to see details):

1. Major Depressive Disorder(Major depression, clinical depression)

2. Dysthymic Disorder (also Dysthymia)

3. Manic Depression (now known as Bipolar Disorder)

You may also come across other terms relating to depression. Here are some and their descriptions/symptoms:

a) Postpartum Depression

b) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

c) Anxiety Depression

d) Chronic Depression

e) Double Depression

f) Endogenous Depression

g) Situational Depression or Reactive Depression (also known as Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood)

h) Agitated Depression

i) Melancholic Depression (Sub-type of Major Depressive Disorder)

j) Catatonic Depression (Sub-type of Major Depressive Disorder)

k) Agitated Depression

l) Geriatric Depression

m) Tropical Depression

n) Mental Depression

o) Alcohol Depression

p) Mild Depression

q) Post Natal Depression

r) Atypical Depression

s) Psychotic Depression

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