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Anxiety and Depression

Hey there and welcome to anxiety and depression 101. I have made this website to help us share and exchange ideas on anxiety, depression and stress too.

Having gone through a period of depression, I want to tell my story and probably help someone out there.

I will let you know how it started with me(yes, follow me around the site for this!), the warning signs of depression you should check out for, and how to get over it like I have done!

I will even go ahead and show you the exact depression test I did online that prompted me to seek advice and help. Together with that, I will show you other depression tests that I have come across through research that you can take.

I also want to share with you the signs of depression that I went through and give you insights of what my thoughts were during this period.

Please note that am not a qualified medical practitioner. Use information in this website just as a guide.

Seek qualified professional help in case you identify with some of the things I will be mentioning in this website.

This website will reflect my personal journey through depression. However, I have also dedicated some time to research. After getting back to normal, I needed to know more about depression. I have been researching on the differences between anxiety, depression and stress.

I have also looked at how depression affects children, teenagers, women, men and the elderly.

Maybe you are wondering what the motivation to make this website is. Let me give you a little background.

In my country, many people go through anxiety and depression and don't get any help at all. The reason is simple, we can't afford professional help fees.

Again, out of a population of about 47 million people, the internet penetration is about 5 million people. Of this group, most access the internet via their phones. ..and yes, you guessed right. They only check mail, and interact with friends on Facebook!

Am among the lucky few that can do more with the internet than just chat and check mail.

Again, thanks to Solo Build It!, I have got the tools to share my experience with the world.

I know this will sound corny but honestly, I have never met a psychiatrist all my life! ...and yes, I went through depression and am well again!

I owe my healing to ordinary people with almost no medical background. I will be telling you more about this in the "About me" page.

So, if this happened to me, I know the information in this website will help someone out there.

Who can use this site?

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, I think this is the right place to start. Learn from my experience.

If you are a student researcher, I have done quite some bit of research to act as a guide for you. Start here.

If you are a qualified medical professional, there's something for you too. I hope you will also participate in improving the content of this website.

Send me corrections, more details and more angles to the different sections and topics of my website. I will really appreciate them.

If you are curious about whether you may be getting a depression attack, there's no better place to start than here to verify and find your answers.

Do you have a family member or friend you think may be suffering from depression? Again, no better place to get him initial assistance than here. Remember, information is power.

Or are you just curious about finding out about anxiety and depression? Welcome and learn!

So, do you fall in to any of the above categories?? Let's learn together.

Remember that anxiety and depression 101 website is designed for information purposes only and should not substitute a professional opinion/help.

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